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Hunter's Quest for Cupcakes


Hunter's Quest for Cupcakes takes readers on an interesting journey to discover how Hunter eventually obtained his cupcakes with the assistance of his family. This book teaches children the value of perseverance, sharing and celebrating your successes. 

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Chantale Grant

Chantale Grant is bringing her creativity and ingenuity to the fore as a writer, with the release of Hunters Quest for Cupcakes. The children's book aims to teach readers the concept of perseverance, reiterating the importance of seeing every endeavor through to the end, irrespective of the challenges faced along the way.


Perseverance is one concept that is often emphasized with adults, with little or no attention to children. Consequently, Chantale Grant is looking to change the narrative as she looks to "catch them young" with the release of Hunters Quest for Cupcakes".

The approach adopted by Chantale Grant is particularly unique, teaching the art of perseverance using cupcakes - the favorite of every child.


Hunter's Quest for Cupcakes is relatable, chronicling the plight of the main character, Hunter, as he defies all odds to get his favorite Fun fetti cupcakes with lots of blue sprinkles.

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